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B&H Event Space- FREE Camera and Lens Checkup

Keeping your gear in tip top shape is critical to making great photographs. Dust on the sensors, loose fittings, schmutz on the lens (dirt smears) are all culprits in poor image making. In this extended session the Event Space plays host to NY’s leading camera repair center, Photo Tech.  Technicians will be on hand to perform free camera checkups and evaluations from 10 am to 5 pm. Due to the popularity of this event we must limit 1 lens and 1 body per customer in order to help everyone that attends this free session. 

Photo Tech will do a free inspection and exterior cleaning. If your sensor needs cleaning as well, a Photo Tech technician will be on hand. Stubborn dust on the sensor is the most usual problem to arise, and Photo Tech is offering a special discount to B&H customers: $40 for a cleaning of your CCD/CMOS sensor (regular price is $65 dollars). This dust cleaning is available on a first come first served basis and is exclusive for day of event customers.