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Digital Camera Repair

Digital cameras (point and shoot) are used on a day to day basis and can often get damaged.  Instead of spending money on a new camera, consider our fast and convenient digital camera repair services.  You will be saving money and the environment! Our trained technicians have the expertise in repairing a range of digital camera related issues such as cracked digital screen, Lens error display, flash not firing, lens cover not closing/opening fully, spots on every picture, not powering up.

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  • RX1
  • RX10 III
  • RX100
  • RX100 II
  • RX100 III
  • RX100 IV
  • RX1-R
  • RX1-RM2
  • RX100 V
  • DSC HX9V
  • DSC-H20
  • DSC-H400
  • DSC-H5
  • DSC-HX1
  • DSC-HX100V
  • DSC-HX10V
  • DSC-HX200V
  • DSC-HX300
  • DSC-HX30V
  • DSC-HX400V
  • DSC-HX50V
  • DSC-HX60V
  • DSC-HX80
  • DSC-RX 100M2
  • DSC-RX1
  • DSC-RX10
  • DSC-RX100
  • DSC-RX100M3
  • DSC-RX100M4
  • DSC-RX1R
  • DSC-RX1RM2
  • DSC-T30
  • DSC-TX66
  • G15
  • G16
  • G7X
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As per governors request and safety of the community Photo Tech will be closing the NYC facility until further notice. We can be contacted by phone and email and will try to assist best we can. You can reach us at 212-673-8400 or email to service@phototech.com, estimate@phototech.com Close