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1. Where are you located?

575 EIGHTH AVENUE SUITE 1706 (17th floor) NEW YORK, NY 10018 (Between 38th and 39th Street).

2. What are your store hours?

Mon - Thur 10AM - 6PM, Fri 10AM to 4PM, Saturday and Sunday closed

3. How do I submit my camera repair for estimate or service?

Submitting your camera is simple. 1- Come by our location. Photo Tech : 575 8th Ave #1706, New York, NY 10018. Monday - Thursday 10 AM - 6 PM, Friday 10 AM - 4 PM, Saturday & Sunday - Closed. 2- Use a messenger service within Manhattan is also available for a discounted rate , call to schedule a pick up @ 212-673-8400. 3- Ship your equipment to us using United States Parcel services, UPS, FEDEX.

4. How long will my camera repair take?

Photo Tech strives to provide our customers the fastest service available. Generally camera repairs are completed within 3-5 working days from authorization. Professionals can request expedited service within 24-48 hours and Photo Tech will work diligently to fulfill all requests for a rush fee (please call us for exact amount.) However parts can considerably delay repairs & seasonal volumes can extend turnaround time. Photo Tech specializes in getting repairs completed for tourists and the sightseers' visiting New York City. We realize accidents happen or equipment stop working during short stays, so stop by our authorized service facility for a technician to evaluate quickly.

5. How long is the warranty on my camera repair?

Warranty can range from 30 days for minor repairs to 6 months for some manufacturers, please contact us for more details

6. What does camera repair include?

A camera repair from Photo Tech is a repair to "Manufacturers Specifications". Our customers throughout the world feel confident in our services, since we guarantee all of our full repairs. All full repairs include a complete cleaning, Lubrication and Adjustment

7. How do I get an Estimate?

Please submit the estimate form on the website, send in your equipment via postal service (with a shipping form), or call us at (212) 673-8400

8. How do I pay for the camera repair?

All repairs require Credit Card information to proceed with repairs. Checks are not accepted as payment for camera repairs. If customer decides to pay cash at least a 50% deposit or entire payment for parts (whichever is greater) must be made.

9. Do you perform Sensor (CCD) cleaning?

Photo Tech is one of the only service facilities that has 3 full time technicians dedicated to sensor cleanings. We currently service over 20 units per day related to this type of maintenance

10. Do you perform Digital Camera Repair?

Yes, Photo Tech services on over 80% of digital cameras in house. Photo Tech is the #1 authorized service facility in New York, with factory trained technicians, and the correct tools and software for today's sophisticated digital adjustments.

11. What kind of repairs do you perform?

Photo Tech specializes in all major camera brands, from Canon to Sony Zeiss Lenses. We can replace broken LCD screens, repair lens error (E18) problems, and diagnose error 99 or "CHA" errors. Lens technicians can remove fungus on lenses and re-calibrate optical alignment after impact damage. Photo Tech is one of the few facilities that still have resources & parts for NIKON F, and NIKON F2.

12. Shall I repair or replace my equipment?

Repairs are usually due to mishap or accident and usually costs less than 1/3rd of purchasing new equipment. Servicing your equipment even at equivalent costs of a good used camera has a rigid advantage. Instead of equipment with unknown history, you will have serviced & warranted your own equipment. You will not have to learn new menus, install software, or reinvest in additional accessories.

13. Why choose Photo Tech over the manufacturer?

- Fastest turn-around time combined with high quality - Professional technicians trained by manufacturers to return your equipment to standards - Warranty from 3 to 6 months (ask us for more details)

14. What manufacturers do you not service in-house?

Manufacturers that we do not service in house, due to limited parts availability and age: Mamiya, Rolleiflex, Leica, Ricoh, Tokina, Voigtlander, Yashica, Leinhoff, Contax, Kiron, Quantaray, Phoenix, Vivitar, Kodak, Konica, Minolta, Pentax, Hasselblad, Olympus, Panasonic

15. Does repair include sensor cleaning?

All our full repairs include sensor cleanings for DSLR and Mirrorless cameras.

16. Do I need to make an appointment to come in to your authorized service facility?

Our store is now open for walk-in service. FACE COVERINGS MUST BE WORN (NO EXCEPTIONS). 3 customers maximum in the store at one time in order to keep social distancing. NO SAME DAY SERVICE (EX:FIRMWARE UPGRADES, MINOR REPAIRS). Sensor cleaning same day service based on first come first serve process. In most cases units received before 1pm are done the same business day. Our facility is closed on weekends.

17. Are repairs done on site?

All repairs are done offsite at our NJ facility; transported by our own courier

18. Is there are diagnostics fee for checking my equipment?

Yes, we charge between $10 to $55 for diagnostics on most lenses and bodies. Pro-camcorders have a minimum bench fee of $150. All of these fees are credited towards service if approved.